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Equitone : Innovative Solutions for Architectural Excellence

Plywood Australia Pty Ltd is delighted to introduce Equitone, a renowned brand known for its cutting-edge exterior cladding solutions. Equitone is recognized worldwide for its commitment to quality, design versatility, and architectural excellence.

Equitone offers a range of fiber cement facade panels that combine outstanding aesthetics with exceptional performance. These panels are meticulously crafted to provide architects and designers with the freedom to create unique and inspiring building exteriors. With Equitone, you can achieve the perfect balance of form, function, and style.

The innovative manufacturing process of Equitone panels ensures superior durability, weather resistance, and fire performance. They are designed to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions, making them an ideal choice for both new construction projects and renovation endeavors.

Whether you’re seeking a sleek, minimalist look or a textured facade that adds depth and character, Equitone offers a variety of panel designs, textures, and finishes to suit your vision.

 Their commitment to sustainability is also evident in their products, which are environmentally friendly and contribute to energy-efficient building designs.

At Plywood Australia Pty Ltd, we are thrilled to be an authorized distributor of Equitone products. Our partnership with Equitone allows us to provide our customers with access to their industry-leading cladding solutions and exceptional customer support.

Our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the ideal Equitone panels for your project. We understand the importance of creating visually striking and durable facades, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your architectural vision.

Choose Plywood Australia Pty Ltd as your trusted supplier of Equitone exterior cladding solutions. Together, we can transform your building into an architectural masterpiece, combining innovation, aesthetics, and performance in perfect harmony.

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EQUITONE [lines] 

 represents a remarkable 3D ridged material that skillfully manipulates light and shadow, resulting in a constantly evolving facade. Architects are drawn to its bold and directional nature, as it can effortlessly metamorphose a building’s appearance from one moment to the next.

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EQUITONE [tectiva]

Redefines concrete cladding with its inherent qualities of being “dry,” “natural,” and “strong,” much admired by architects. Beyond these attributes, the material offers even more. Displaying naturally occurring hues across the panel and featuring a delicately sanded surface, EQUITONE [tectiva] emanates a vibrant mineral aesthetic.

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EQUITONE [natura] 

Embodies a sleek and sophisticated surface adorned with randomly distributed visible fibers. The harmonious outcome is an elegant cladding material that seamlessly fuses function and beauty, creating a stunning architectural statement.


EQUITONE [pictura]

Caters to designs that demand bold and vibrant aesthetics. With its smooth, matte finish and absence of visible fibers, it provides a pristine look. This coated panel comes in a wide array of striking and natural hues, offering the best of high-density fiber cement benefits. Moreover, EQUITONE [pictura] guarantees longevity and easy maintenance, solidifying its status as a highly sought-after choice in architectural cladding.

EQUITONE [lunara]

presents builders with a versatile material that unlocks endless design possibilities. Resembling the rough, unpolished landscape of the moon, it derives its name from this lunar inspiration. This distinctive fiber cement offers a perfect blend of a unique appearance and a natural feel, making it an ideal choice for bringing a touch of individuality to architectural projects. It comes in two contemporary colors, further adding to its appeal and adaptability.

EQUITONE fibre cement façade materials

Offer both functionality and beauty, regardless of the chosen texture. With the flexibility of large format sizes, EQUITONE panels can be custom-cut to any required size or shape, either on-site or in a workshop. This opens up limitless design possibilities for your project. When integrated into a ventilated rainscreen cladding system or rear-ventilated curtain wall facade, EQUITONE panels enable efficient air circulation behind the cladding, effectively preventing moisture, mold, heat, and frost from affecting the building.
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