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LVL (Laminated Veneered Lumber): Strength and Stability for Structural Applications

Form Work LVL: The Form Work LVL is a highly reliable and durable timber product specifically designed for use in formwork applications. Its engineered construction and layered veneer structure provide exceptional strength and stability, making it an ideal choice for constructing concrete formwork systems. Form Work LVL offers consistent performance, with its dimensional stability and resistance to warping, ensuring precise and accurate formwork installations.

Edge Form LVL: The Edge Form LVL is a versatile timber product that excels in edge form applications. It is commonly used in construction projects for creating straight, clean edges along concrete slabs, pathways, and driveways. With its exceptional load-bearing capacity and resistance to impact, the Edge Form LVL provides reliable support and protection, ensuring a smooth and professional finish to your concrete structures.

At Plywood Australia Pty Ltd, we offer high-quality LVL products that are manufactured to the highest standards. Our LVL range is sourced from reputable suppliers known for their expertise in engineered timber solutions. We understand the importance of reliable and robust construction materials, and our LVL products are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the construction industry.

Our experienced team is ready to assist you in selecting the right LVL products for your specific project needs. With their in-depth knowledge and personalized service, they can provide expert advice and recommendations to ensure optimal performance and efficiency in your construction projects.

Choose Plywood Australia Pty Ltd for superior LVL products that deliver the strength, stability, and reliability required for your structural and formwork applications. Experience the benefits of LVL in enhancing the structural integrity and durability of your projects, while enjoying the convenience and versatility that this engineered timber offers.

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